About me

Hey I'm Doris and I’m inspired by LOVE, LIFE, TRAVELLING and MUSIC!

I love being creative in many ways: design, cooking, baking, photography, writing, organizing and finding creative solution approaches. I also enjoy practicing freelatics, yoga, meditation and cycling.

Travelling around the world with my boyfriend is my passion. „Discovering“ the world, foreign cultures, food and people. I have a passion for volcanic islands like Hawaii, New Zealand, Madeira and Iceland.

Since March 2015 I fell in love with Kenya. Because of all the lovely people I met there, the great variety of culture, animals and landscapes.

And I love ROME! Beside some of the best ice cream, best pizza and pasta it’s just one of the most beautiful cities.

I can’t get enough of avocados, pistachios, tempeh, ginger and lemon poppy seed cakes. In general the journey is the reward!

I love cooking Fusion, Italian and Indian food. The main point always is that the ingredients are fresh, organic and when possible regional and seasonal.

I work as a designer, consultant and project manager in the IT and music industry. Beside that I'm a private chef, food photography consultant and medical examined nutrition consultant since 2006.

Raw Diamond

...connects some of my personal interests. Be it my love and enthusiasm for cooking, baking, design, travelling, photography and good food.

I love music and am pleased, when I manage to make bands and their crew happy with my food creations. This is my way of appreciating their creativity and work.

Further on I love to spoil Nanouk, my friends and family with homemade sumptuous odds and ends. Such as homemade spice blends, cupcakes, muffins or jams.

The name RAW DIAMOND stands for the strength and the clear structures of a diamond. As well as the beauty, which opens up to the beholder only at a second glance or through carving out.

Of course there is nothing more subjective than the definition of good taste. Therefore I am not trying to please everyone. But if I manage to inspire, make someone smile or animate to get creative and realize ones own ideas. I’d be truly happy!

My first Raw Diamond project is the LaminEATs. A new style of a cookbook! With easy vegan and vegetarian recipes in a handy format. Inspired by band tour passes. More information about the LaminEATs.

If you like the Raw Diamond blog or the idea of the LaminEATs you can also like my Raw Diamond facebook site.